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Since many people spend most of their day in the work place, the chances of injuries or accidents on the job are relatively high. The Senich Law Firm provides the personal attention and representation necessary to give individuals who have been injured on the job peace of mind, no matter how serious the injury.

While you focus on getting better and back to work, we do the work necessary to pursue all benefits due to you.

Why you need The Senich Law Firm

Work place accidents and injuries occur in all types of careers, from construction and industrial work to office and clerical. Every employer is mandated by state law to carry insurance to cover any injuries that employees suffer while performing work-related duties. These benefits are intended to cover any bills that are necessary for the treatment of your injury, as well as compensation for lost wages.

Simply put, insurance companies and employers have interests that may be contrary to the injured employee. The injured employee has the right to choose an approved medical provider. It is important that you consult a workers’ compensation attorney before accepting any settlement of your workers’ compensation claim.

While you may not always be able to file a lawsuit for an injury that occurs at the work place, some specific scenarios can warrant a claim. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Injuries caused by defective products
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Intentional misconduct of the employer
  • Injuries caused by third parties
  • An employer’s lack of workers’ compensation insurance

We will represent you throughout the pursuit for the highest possible benefits, meaning you can focus on the important task of feeling better.

Connecticut has several types of benefits available to injured workers:

  • Temporary total disability: If you are unable to work, you can receive up to 75 percent of your weekly take-home pay.
  • Temporary partial disability: If you are not able to work in the same job because of restrictions, you can receive up to 75 percent of the difference between your previous salary and your current ability to earn a weekly wage.
  • Permanent partial disability: Permanent partial disability benefits are paid to workers who have a permanent injury to a particular body part or limb. Connecticut law lists each body part and the amount of benefits you receive will depend on the percentage of disability to that that particular part of your body.
  • Additional benefits: If you recover but have permanent injury which prevents you from returning to your usual employment, you may be entitled to additional benefits.
  • Death Benefits: Death benefits are available to family members who lose a loved one in a fatal work accident.

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